Minutes December 8, 2009 Meeting

Minutes December 8, 2009 Meeting

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met December 8, 2009 in regular session at the Township Hall for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. Chairman Kirk Ramsey called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with members Dick Kilburn and Dick Dare present. Mr. Ramsey asked all present to stand and join in the pledge of allegiance.

Others present were: Bob Glancy, Frank Schlake, Donald Lynch, Fred Lafollette, Ralph Blanton, Bill Harrison, Mike Kassalen, Lee Short, Woodie Davis and Mr. & Mrs. David Opperman.

The minutes were read and approved and were posted in the township hall.

Cemetery Update
12/4/2009 Margaret Heery Sec 4 Lot 28 cremation

Miscellaneous Matters

Donald Lynch mentioned the time he has been spending in court. He questioned Bruce McGary’s advice to the township. He asked for a report from the zoning inspector regarding his complaint on various properties in the township. Mike Kassalen gave him copies of the sign permits for the last two years as he had requested.

Sheriff’s Office – an officer from the sheriff’s office was present but had no new business to report. Kirk mentioned the break in at the construction trailer.
Frank Schlake stated he was concerned with all the recent break ins in the area. He had seen a blue pick- up truck with Oklahoma license plates that had run off the road and was deserted. He thought it looked suspicious. Kirk thought the best thing to do was have a neighborhood watch. The officer agreed and told everyone to report anything that looked suspicious.

Fire Department – Fred had the contracts for the continued support of Washington Township. In the contract, the fire coverage will increase $500 per year and the EMS services will increase $125.00 per year in each of the 3 years of the contract.
Dick Dare made a motion to pass Resolution 09-1208 to enter into a contract for a period of three years to provide Fire Protection and EMS services to the residents of Washington Township adjoining Salem Township. Dick Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote:      Dare, yea      Kilburn, yea        Ramsey, yea

Under personnel matters, Bill asked the board to approve the dismissal of John Rose from the part time position at the fire department. Dick Dare made a motion to approve the termination of John Rose from his position with the fire department. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote:      Dare, yea      Ramsey, yea       Kilburn, yea

Fred told the board that the annual visit from Santa at the Firehouse will take place December 20 from 4:30-6:00. They will start bagging the candy at 1:00 and would take any help available.

Bill presented the proposed fire department budget for FY2010. Concerning salaries that he budgeted, he stated he had polled other county departments to see where the current pay scale fit in. He said we are low to start, but catch up in a year and a half. He suggested we increase the starting pay by $.50 per hour to be more competitive with other departments. Because the higher paid employees have left over the year, the budget would not increase with this change for 2010.

He would also like to propose a $.55/per hour increase for the three full time employees. Again he said the budget could handle this increase.
Dick Dare made a motion to approve the $.50/per hour change in the pay scale that would also include the $.55/per hour for the full time employees to be effective the payroll paid on January 13th. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote:       Dare, yea       Ramsey, yea       Kilburn, yea

The change in physicians was brought up for the drug licensure. They have gotten approval from another physician to take over the program, and it will save $6,800 per year.
Dick Dare made a motion to change the medical director of the drug program to Dr. Alexander Kucewicz. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.
`Vote:     Dare, yea        Ramsey, yea      Kilburn, yea

Salt purchase – Fred reported they have purchased salt from the county, but will purchase some from Morton Salt in the future.

Zoning -Mike Kassalen turned in a permit for a new house. He didn’t have any other zoning matters to bring before the board.
Lee Short spoke on the survey from the US census bureau. He said the map had shown 2 annexations on it that did not take place. He has had it corrected.

Fiscal Business

Approval to Pay Bills
The fiscal officer presented checks #8583 - #8635 which totaled $182,880.70.
The board examined the bills that were ready for payment and Dick Kilburn made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Dick Dare seconded the motion.
Vote:      Kilburn, yea      Dare, yea       Ramsey, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $6,005.73.
This amount included receipts #6596– #6599, and refund of receipt in the amount of 10,364.19 for overpayment of gasoline tax by the county auditor for the months of September, October, and November.

With no further business to come before the board, Dick Dare made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 P.M.  Dick Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote:     Dare, yea      Kilburn, yea       Ramsey, yea