Minutes August 10, 2010 meeting

Minutes August 10, 2010 meeting

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met August 10, 2010 in regular session at the Salem Morrow Fire Station Conference Room for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. President Kirk Ramsey called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with member Ralph Blanton present. Dick Dare was on vacation. Mr. Ramsey led all those present in the pledge of allegiance.

Others present were: Fred LaFollette, Bill Harrison, Frank Schlake, Donald Lynch, Mike Kassalen, Lee Short, Bob Glancy, Heath Kilburn, Dave Opperman, John, Ron Stratton, Woodie Davis, Deputy Dulle.

The minutes were read and approved and were posted in the building.

Cemetery Update
8/7/10 Ralph W. Jones Sec 1 Lot 133 NW Corner

President Ramsey mentioned the garbage that was dumped in the parking lot after the last meeting. He stated he hoped it would not happen again.

New Business
Donald Lynch brought up his copy requests from the zoning department again. He asked where the zoning office is located now and stated he wanted access to all zoning records. He specifically wants to see all records associated with David Smith’s property. Kirk told him he will investigate the open records ruling on all open files.

Woodie Davis had a complaint about a problem on Ward Road and will talk to the deputy about it.

Ron Stratton mentioned the tall grass and weeds on the adjoining property to his place.

Fire Department
Chief LaFollette brought up personnel issues. He told the board he had three volunteers that he would like approval to hire. They are Mike Prusinski, Justin Principato and Steve Morgan. He said some have all certifications and some partial. Ralph Blanton made a motion to hire the three mentioned volunteer applicants pending the normal drug testing and physical exams. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion. Vote:     Blanton, yea       Ramsey, yea

In township matters, Fred brought up the need for new front tires on the small tractor. He said they also needed to replace the weed eaters. He priced them at $239.00. They would keep the old ones for back up use. There is also a need for a back pack blower.
The board approved these purchases.
He said the crew would try to do some mowing out on the roads this week.

Mike Kassalen turned in two building permits. He reported that he had posted the property that needed to be mowed. The owner contacted him and said he would mow it. Mike told Mr. Lynch he would get him a record if he was specific about what he wanted.

Sidewalk Issue
Ralph Blanton brought up the matter of the sidewalks on the East and West sides of the new fire house. Water is going into the building when it rains due to the poor workmanship of the contractor. He has discussed it with the attorney and was told the township could go ahead and award the work to Jeff Geraci. The estimate for the cost of tearing out and replacing the sidewalks is $8,890.00. Ralph Blanton made a motion to award the repair work to the sidewalks at the fire station to Jeff Geraci. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote:      Blanton, yea        Ramsey, yea

The attorney also told him they could get quotes for the slab/grading work associated with the fuel tanks. Ralph said they would get two bids on this work.


Fiscal Business

Approval to Pay Bills
The fiscal officer presented checks #9515 - #9559, #10023-10024 which totaled $36,409.15.
The board examined the bills that were ready for payment and Kirk Ramsey made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Ralph Blanton seconded the motion.
Vote:      Ramsey, yea       Blanton, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $2,094.33.
This amount included receipts #6816– #6824.

With no further business to come before the board, Ralph Blanton made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 P.M. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote:       Blanton, yea         Ramsey, yea