Minutes June 14, 2011 Meeting

Minutes June 14, 2011 Meeting

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met June 14, 2011 in regular session at the Salem Morrow Fire Station Conference Room for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. President Kirk Ramsey called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with members Dick Dare and Ralph Blanton present. Mr. Ramsey led all those present in the pledge of allegiance.

Others present: Mike Kassalen, Chief Fred LaFollette, Asst.Chief Bill Harrison, John Leesemann, Lee Short, Void Blanton, Bob Vail, Mr. & Mrs. David Opperman, Bob Glancy, Warren County Deputy, Frank Schlake, Ron Stratton, Woodie Davis, Don Lynch and Sue Ann Nelson.

The minutes were approved as read and were posted in the building.

Cemetery Update
6/6/11 Ivery Burger Francis Sec 5 Lot 117 #2 SW Corner
6/9/11 Robert Parker Sec 4 Lot 220 Center West Half

New Business:
Donald Lynch asked the president to review the policy for meeting decorum and demanded a reprimand for Trustee Dick Dare for reasons Mr. Lynch went on to enumerate. He read a two page statement of his requests and complaints concerning the prior meeting. He also requested a public apology from Mr. Dare. His requests to the board included a copy of policy and procedure manual, a copy of the video of the May 24, 2011 meeting and he is still requesting a weekly meeting with the zoning inspector. The full 2-page statement is on file in the township office.

The deputy from the Warren County Sheriff’s office reported that things have been quiet. Mr. Ramsey told him there was still a speeding issue on Woodward Claypool Road. It was brought up that there is now a speed trailer available. He suggested it might help to set it up. It was also mentioned that there is a speeding problem on Lake Road.

Bob Glancy had a complaint about the tall grass on the property across the road from him. Ralph Blanton told him he would check on the status of the property.

Void Blanton also voiced a complaint about the grass on a rental property on Radford Drive.

Zoning – Mike Kassalen had one permit to turn in for a room addition.
Lee Short reminded the board that the RPC meeting was next week on the 22nd of June.

Fire Department/Roads

Chief LaFollette brought up the use of the conference room. It needs to actually be booked so that it doesn’t get double booked by accident.

Chief LaFollette told the board there was a tree down on Woodward Claypool Road that needs to be removed. The crew cannot do it. Dick Dare made a motion to hire someone to get it cut down and removed. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.        Vote: Dare, yea     Ramsey, yea      Blanton, yea

He reported that the roads have all been mowed once now and they are working on some drains.

In personnel matters, Chief LaFollette asked the board to approve moving John Hatfield from full time back to part time effective the beginning of the next payroll. Ralph Blanton made a motion to approve this move. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion. Vote:       Blanton, yea     Ramsey, yea       Dare, yea

Chief LaFollette requested the following five employees be removed from the roster:
John Petrey never showed up for work; Kris Cormany and Corey Buckler who are going back to school, Joel Ross who got a new job and John Giuffre who moved to Colorado. The board approved these changes.

It was mentioned there were pot holes on Woodward Claypool and Ward Road that needed attention.

Mr. Ramsey mentioned that the cemetery was in beautiful shape for the holiday.

Chief LaFollette told the board he had not worked on getting a spreader for the new road truck yet.

Ron Stratton voiced a complaint about the high grass on the adjoining property that is owned by Fred Cress.

Ralph Blanton reported that the prosecutor’s office had done the title search on the property the township would like to purchase and it came back clear with no liens.
He also has heard from the Pontem software people and they said it would take about an hour to lad the map and the other software on the second computer.
A new safe was purchased and he feels the cemetery books are safer now. He is looking into the purchase of a scanner so the pages could be copied without damaging them. Bill Harrison suggested taking the books to Kinko’s if this would be a one time job and the quality would be better if they did it.

It was pointed out that the parking lot at the fire station has now been paved and striped. This should complete the building project now.

Fiscal Business
The fiscal officer told the board that the annual budget hearing would be set for July 12, 2011 at the regular meeting.
The fiscal officer requested the board to approve the following appropriation modification:
Increase 10A2 $10,000 Decrease 10A8 $10,000
Dick Dare made a motion to pass Resolution 11-0614 approving the requested appropriation modification for Fiscal Year 2011. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote:     Dare, yea       Ramsey, yea       Blanton, yea

Approval to Pay Bills
The fiscal officer prepared checks #10673 - #10727, 91061-91062 which totaled $57,153.02.
The board examined the bills that were ready for payment and Dick Dare made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote:        Dare, yea     Ramsey, yea       Blanton, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $9,275.03.
This amount included receipts #7095– #7101.

With no further business to come before the board, Ralph Blanton made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 P.M. Dick Dare seconded the motion.
Vote:      Mr. Blanton, yea      Mr. Dare, yea       Mr. Ramsey, yea