Minutes February 28, 2012 Meeting

Minutes February 28, 2012 Meeting

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met February 28, 2012 in regular session at the Salem Morrow Fire Station Conference Room for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. The meeting time was changed to 5:00 P.M. due to the death of George Terwilleger, former township trustee, Warren County Commissioner and State Representative. President Kirk Ramsey called the meeting to order at 5:00 P.M. with members Heath Kilburn and Dick Dare present. Mr. Ramsey led all those present in the pledge of allegiance after which a moment of silence was held in honor of Mr.Terwilleger.

Others present: Ralph Blanton, Donald Lynch, Chief Fred LaFollette, Ron Stratton, Mike Kassalen, Woodie Davis, Kenny Gooch, Frank Goodlander and Paul Long.

The minutes were approved as read and posted in the building.

2/27/12 Terry Keith Sec 5 Lot 92 SW Corner

New Business:
Frank Goodlander, representing the Little Miami Food Pantry, thanked the board for the new ramp and the repairs to the brick on the township building which is used by the food pantry. He said they had done a good job. They are now asking if it could be painted where the repairs were done. Fred LaFollette stated he has talked to two people about doing this painting on the building.
Mr. Goodlander also expressed thanks for the use of the newly purchased church property as a warehouse for storage of their food items. They are now taking care of close to 2000 people. He stated they were pleased with the way they are able to work with the township to get things done. Kirk Ramsey has talked with Barb Fath about having a community day on which they could get help with cleaning up the garden and other things around the food pantry. He spoke about how well the garden had done last year and how much time Ms. Fath spends there working for the community.

Mike Kassalen, zoning inspector, had no permits to submit for this time period.

Ralph Blanton who had worked with getting the cemetery mapping program started, discussed the need to change the wording on the deeds to allow the township to “take back” any unused lots after a specified period of time. The prosecutor’s office needs to be contacted to see what needs to be done when the owners cannot be located.

Mr. Ramsey mentioned he had been contacted about a scout who needs an Eagle Scout project. Mr. Ramsey thought he would be able to help with the entry in the mapping program.

Fire Department/Roads
Chief LaFollette asked that the board approve the updates to the Fire Codes and Building Codes. He stated that by law they were required to do this when they received an update. Kirk Ramsey made a motion to approve the updated Fire and Building Codes for the Salem-Morrow Fire Department. Dick Dare seconded the motion.
Vote:     Mr. Ramsey, yea       Mr. Dare, yea      Mr. Kilburn, yea

Chief also reported he had received a state price from Buchanan’s for a zero turn mower. The mower retails for around $9,000 and the state bid price will be $6,732. Kirk Ramsey made a motion to approve this purchase. Heath Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote:     Mr. Ramsey, yea       Mr. Kilburn, yea     Mr. Dare, yea

Chief LaFollette reminded all present about the upcoming fish fry on March 23, 2012 from 4 to 8 PM.

Dick Dare asked if anything had been heard from the two summer workers. Mr. LaFollette said he had heard from Jon Peters and he wanted to come back to work this year.

Mr. LaFollette reported he had talked to Roy at the county office regarding the paving project for 2012.

Zoning – Gooch Property
Mr. Lynch presented his written complaint about not receiving documents on the Gooch property. He stated that he was sending it to the Warren County courts and the State Attorney General. Mike Kassalen told him there was not a permit to copy as there was not a permit issued. A copy of the full complaint is on file.
Mr. Gooch then stated he had checked on the matter and was told if you do not change the structure of the building, you do not need a permit. He said he had checked everything and they had done the work properly. He then told Mr. Lynch that he should fix up his own place instead of trying to find fault with those who do try to improve their properties.
He went on to issue a complaint about the junk on the Opperman property that borders his property. He said there was a large fire recently that because of the junk and debris, the fire department had a hard time getting to the back of the property. He was concerned the fire would get out of control and his barn would catch on fire. He also stated there were rats around the junk. Mike Kassalen said he would check it out.

At this point, Mr. Lynch voiced a complaint regarding the length of time Mr. Gooch was allowed to speak. He also said he was threatened because of his interpretation of the code.

The annual road mileage certification was approved and signed by the trustees.

Fiscal Business

Approval to Pay Bills
The fiscal officer prepared checks #11646- #11704, 91193-91200 which totaled $53,748.45.
The board examined the bills that were ready for payment and Dick Dare made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Heath Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote:    Mr. Dare, yea      Mr. Kilburn, yea       Mr. Ramsey, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $54,550.63.
This amount included receipts #7321– #7343.

With no further business to come before the board, Mr. Kilburn made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:40 P.M. Mr. Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote:     Mr. Kilburn, yea      Mr. Ramsey, yea        Mr. Dare, yea