April 25, 2006

April 25, 2006

April 25, 2006   7:00 P.M.

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met April 25, 2006 in regular session at the Township Hall for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. Chairman Dick Kilburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with members Rob Glancy and Dick Dare present.

Others present were Fred LaFollette, Richard Bierley, Bob Blankenship, Rob States, Mike Kassalen, Bruce Brandstetter, Adam Shearer, Nick Blanton and Ralph Blanton.

The minutes were read and approved and posted in the township hall.

Cemetery Update
4/13/06 John Blount Sec 5 Lot 150 #2 NE
4/19/06 Robert Robinson Sec 5 Lot 68 SE Corner
4/24/06 Edith Houston Sec 4 Lot 309 #2 SE

Resident Visitor
Rob States, a resident near Whitegate Drive, told the trustees he has lived in the area for a year and was interested in seeing how the township government works.

Cemetery Boundary
Bob Blankenship questioned the boundary line on the newly surveyed cemetery lots. He thought one of the gravesites was on his property. Fred will check this out.

Joint Drainage Project/Village
Bruce Brandstetter of Brandstetter, Carroll was present to talk to the board about the Virginia/Hopkins Road Storm Drainage Project. He had the plans and showed all views to the trustees and explained what would be done with the project. The township is responsible for $65,000.00 of the project, which was planned after OPWC grant money was awarded as a joint project with the Village. Bruce and Fred will walk the area so Fred can see what is planned and let them know if there are any problems that could arise from location of pipes, etc. The bid opening will be May 5, 2006.

Road/Cemetery Report
Fred had the prices for paving Woodward Claypool at both ends and a small section of Phillips Road. The price from the county engineer bid is $83,433.20. After a brief discussion, Rob Glancy made a motion to approve this work through the county paving projects. Dick Dare seconded the motion.
Vote: Glancy, yea Dare, yea Kilburn, yea

The township was billed for the guardrail on Phillips Road. The engineer’s office had originally told Fred they would furnish the guardrail. He spoke with Kurt Weber and was told to send the bill back.
Dick Dare mentioned that there are several areas on Bennett Road that need guardrail. Fred will get Security Fence to look at it and give an estimate for the work.

It was mentioned that tires from both tractors were sent to Luti for repair.

The crew has been busy mowing in the cemetery already, and this week they have been ditching and blowing out culvert pipes.

Fred asked the trustees to clarify the extra $100 fee for burials after 2:00. It was stated that if the burial arrives at the cemetery after 2:00, the extra charge would apply.

Fire Department
After presenting to the board all the certifications that Assistant Chief Harrison has received for instructional purposes, and the fact he does all the continuing education for new hires now, Fred proposed increasing his pay by $1.00 per hour in order to keep his pay in line with other departments. Dick Kilburn made a motion to approve this increase and to make it effective the pay date of May 10, 2006. Dick Dare seconded the motion. Vote: Kilburn, yea Dare, yea Glancy, yea

Fred told the board that they would be going to look at the new fire truck on May 5th and invited the trustees to go along if they wanted.

Richard reported that he had spoken with Bruce McGary about the Miracle case. He interviewed the Daumeyers and got photos they had taken along with the dates and times of the photos. He will present these items as evidence that they are still running the business. It was mentioned that Melissa Miracle is the property owner, but Mr. Miracle is the one running the business.

Roy Prince received the certified letter for the application for the variance hearing with the board of zoning appeals. Richard and Rob were in agreement that they should have the county stop all inspections until Mr. Prince gets his approval from the board of appeals.

Richard reported he had the letter ready to send to Nextel stating that they did not need a permit to extend the tower.
He had the site plan for the development on Foster Maineville Road and was concerned about the fire hydrants and the height of the catch basins. There are 11 lots in the development.

Dick Dare stated he had talked to the county inspector at the Warren County Engineer’s dinner and was told it was the township’s responsibility if the drainage in these developments wasn’t correct. But the county is the one who issued the permits, so they are responsible.

The Lynch property where the water tower is located was discussed. Richard told Mr. Lynch that he needed a site plan for the fence that he wants to erect to hide the junk. Richard will talk to him again.

The matter of the LaRue Road property has reached a stand still. Mr. & Mrs. Franklin have been trying to get the work done. The trustees told Richard to send a notice giving 30 days to clean it up.

Richard told the board that he is trying to learn how put the new software to use. He thinks it will save time.

Fiscal Matters
Debbie told the board she needed to transfer $3,202.50 to the Debt Service Fund from the Fire Fund in order to pay the semi-annual interest payment due on the real estate acquisition note that is due May 1st. Dick Kilburn made a motion to pass Resolution 06-0425 approving the transfer of funds from the Fire Fund for the purpose of making the interest payment due on the Real Estate Acquisition Note at Lebanon Citizens National Bank. Rob Glancy seconded the motion.
Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea Dare, yea

Next the renewal of the health insurance was brought up. Debbie received the information from the Ohio Public Entity Consortium. The rates only increased a small percentage this year. A few minor changes were made to the policy and the board thought they should stay with the same coverage. Therefore, Dick Dare made a motion to renew the health and life insurance coverage with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for the period June 1, 2006 through May 31, 2007. Dick Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote: Dare, yea Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Approval to pay bills
The clerk presented checks # 3544 through #3597 which totaled $33,948.26
The board examined the bills that were presented for payment and Dick Kilburn made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Dick Dare seconded the motion.
Vote: Kilburn, yea Dare, yea Glancy, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $362,673.45
This amount included receipts #5261 through #5286.

With no further business to come before the board, Rob Glancy made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 87:10 P.M. Dick Dare seconded the motion.
Vote: Glancy, yea Dare, yea Kilburn, yea

Note: After the meeting Nick Blanton and Adam Shearer worked with the fiscal officer on the township website. The minutes will be posted on the website after they are approved at the following meeting.