Minutes January 24, 2017 Meeting

Minutes January 24, 2017 Meeting

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met January 24, 2017 in regular session at the Salem Morrow Fire Station Conference Room for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. President Ralph Blanton called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with members Heath Kilburn and Susan Ramsey present. Mr. Blanton led all those present in the pledge to the flag.

Others present: Don Lynch, Jesse McKeehan, Bob Glancy

The trustees read the minutes and Heath Kilburn made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 10, 2017 meeting. Susan Ramsy seconded the motion. Vote: all yeas

Cemetery Updates - There were no updates to the cemetery records at this time

Fire Department
Chief Harrison was unable to attend this meeting so there was no fire department business brought before the board.

Zoning Department
Jesse McKeehan, zoning inspector, didn’t have any new zoning business to report.

Susan Ramsey asked about the status of the guard rail replacement on Moore Saur Road.
Heath Kilburn reported he had heard from Mark Dawson and that they had the guard rail, so arrangements for the installation can be made.

Ralph Blanton reported that he had been looking at the roads and that Ireland Road definitely needs repairs this year. Heath will go look at it too.

It was mentioned that the guard rail near the Christmas Ranch was dropping down. That will have to be looked into.
The crew worked on the drainage problem on Halls Creek Road today.

Fiscal Business
Debbie Harper, Fiscal Officer, had received pre-billing from Poff’s Lawn & Landscape, Inc. If it is prepaid before March 10, 2017, they offer a 5% discount for weed control in the cemetery. The board was in agreement to have the spraying done this year and to prepay Poff’s to take the discount.

The Fiscal Officer had prepared checks #17882-17955, 92393-92411 which totaled $75,101.98.
The board examined the bills that were ready for payment and Heath Kilburn made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Susan Ramsey seconded the motion.
Vote: Mr. Kilburn Mrs. Ramsey Mr. Blanton, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $38,043.79 which included receipts #9313 - #9331.

With no further business to come before the board Heath Kilburn made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 PM. Susan Ramsey seconded the motion.

Vote: Mr. Kilburn, yea Mrs. Ramsey Mr. Blanton, yea