October 24, 2006

October 24, 2006

October 10, 2006  7:00 P.M. 

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met October 24, 2006 in regular session at the Township Hall for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. Chairman Dick Kilburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with members Rob Glancy and Dick Dare present.

Others present were Bill Harrison, Richard Bierley, Lee Short, Donald Lynch, and Fred LaFollette.

The minutes were read and approved and posted in the township hall.

Cemetery Update
10/23/06 Marna Schleehauf Sec 4 Lot 146 SE Corner Cremation

Zoning – Donald Lynch
Richard looked up the delivery date of the citation for Mr. Lynch and stated it was 8/19/06. Mr. Lynch told the board he does not own the bus, but is storing it for the owner. He has sent a letter to get the title to the bus. When he gets the title, he said he could then work on it. He stated he has spent over $1,000 on the fence, but he needs more time to get it done.
Richard reported that on the county web site, there is a note that Mr. Lynch’s building was to be used to store personal items. He said no variance was ever issued.
Mr. Lynch then stated he didn’t need a variance since it is B2 zoning and it was no different from the zoning at Dare’s Garage and other businesses along 22 & 3. Because the building was purchased in 1993, it falls under the new zoning and no junk vehicles can be on the property.
Rob Glancy finally said to Mr. Lynch that he was in violation and the township should move forward with the citation.
Mr. Lynch then stated he wanted the township to overlook the violation until he could get it worked out. After a reaction to that remark, Mr. Lynch wanted it to be noted in the minutes that he had not meant to overlook, but to slow the process down.

Fire Department/Road Report
Fred brought before the board the name of John Hatfield to be hired for a part time paid position. Rob Glancy made a motion to hire John Hatfield for a part time paid position with the Salem Morrow Fire Department pending the results of the drug screen and physical exam. Dick Dare seconded the motion.
Vote: Glancy, yea Dare, yea Kilburn, yea

Rob Glancy brought up the matter of the vehicles on the property of J.R. Blanton. Richard said he had driven by and the Bronco was gone.

The salt order was mentioned. Fred reported he will order it tomorrow and right now there is enough on hand to cover the first snow.

Dick Dare reported that he and Fred had met with Neil Tunison and Jeff Jones at Trovillo Road to see what might be done with the problem of the hillside. It was discussed that the road might be safer if it were made one-way. The county did do some blacktop work on the road, but the whole hillside is slipping.

They also asked Neil about the water problem at Wolf Run. He told them he had met with the prosecutor and they said to let the people sue if they wanted to continue with the matter.

Dick Kilburn told the board he had talked to Mr. Tunison about Shawhan Road. He was told that if it slipped anymore the engineer’s office would put more nails in it.

Personnel Matters
Dick Dare brought up the matter of the two cemetery workers. He thought if they were given a raise, it would encourage them to return to work next summer. He stated he has had many comments this year about the good job these two are doing. After a brief discussion, Dick Dare made a motion to increase the hourly rate for Patricia Taylor and Timothy Byrd by $1.00 per hour effective with the next payroll, which will be paid on November 8th. Dick Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote: Dare, yea Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Cemetery Matters
Fred told the board he has ordered a set of steps that will help in the access to the upper cemetery section.

Rob Glancy brought up the matter of the plywood on the vault. He asked if anyone knew a carpenter who could work on it to make a nicer appearance to the public.

Richard reported that he had walked the 24-acre Pete Christiansen property and it has been mowed. He will try to talk to Peter tomorrow to see what his plans are for the residence.

Fiscal Business

Transfer to Debt Service Fund
Debbie requested that the board approve the transfer of $33,150 to the Debt Service Fund from the Fire Fund to make the payment on the land purchase. Dick Dare made a motion to pass Resolution 06-1024 approving the transfer of the amount needed to make the payment on the firehouse property($33,150.00) from the Fire Fund to the Debt Service Fund. Dick Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote: Dare, yea Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Appropriation Modification
Debbie requested the board approve the following appropriation modifications:

Increase Decrease
14A01 – Ambulance Fund Salaries 14A04 – Ambulance Fund Equipment $10,000.
01A17 – Gen Fund Aud/Treas Fees 01A26 – Gen Fund Other Expenses $ 500.
15A01 – Debt Service Principal 15A04 - Debt Service Interest $ 6,000.

Rob Glancy mad a motion to pass Resolution 06-1024A approving the modifications to the appropriations for the General Fund, the Ambulance Fund and the Debt Service Funds as presented by the Fiscal Officer.
Vote: Glancy, yea Kilburn, yea Dare, yea

Approval to pay bills
The clerk presented checks # 4283 through #4337 which totaled $95,015.61
The board examined the bills that were presented for payment and Dick Dare made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Rob Glancy seconded the motion.
Vote: Dare, yea Glancy, yea Kilburn, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $94,574.02
This amount included receipts #5478 through #5503.

With no further business to come before the board, Rob Glancy made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 P.M. Dick Kilburn seconded the motion.
Vote: Glancy, yea Kilburn, yea Dare, yea


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