September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007,   7:00pm

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met September 11, 2007 in regular session at the Township Hall for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. Chairman Dick Dare was on vacation, so Vice Chairman Rob Glancy called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with member Dick Kilburn.

Others present were Fred LaFollette, Ralph Blanton, Lee Short, Kirk Ramsey, Joel Sanders, Donald Lynch, Mike Kassalen and Mr. & Mrs. David Opperman.

The minutes were read and posted in the township hall.

Cemetery Update
There were no additions to the cemetery record for this time period.

Joel Sanders Property
Joel Sanders was present to discuss the problem with a ravine he is having filled in with dirt. The problem is there has been some concern with what is in that fill. There have been reports that old tires and lumber were part of a load or two that was brought. The area has been finished out now and he said he wouldn’t know where to dig to find the reported items. He wanted to know what he has to do now. He was told to try to get in touch with the company that brought the fill dirt and see if they will tell him if it was a clean fill or not. The trustees also told him to monitor any more fill that he receives. He stated he would get something in writing from the hauler stating that it is only clean fill.

Blue Crane Development
Mike Kassalen brought new plans from Paul Rodenbeck for Blue Crane Development on Foster Maineville Road. They purchased additional acreage adjoining the site, part of which is in Hamilton Township. There were a few things that need to be checked out to see if they meet Salem Township zoning including 3 lot sizes and the amount of frontage on 1 lot.

Quaker Cemetery on Ward Road property
Lee reported there is a problem with the owner of the property that is the location of the old Quaker cemetery. He had papers that showed the cemetery went with the land and whoever purchased it would also own the cemetery and is responsible for its upkeep. It is thought there was money put in a trust for its upkeep, but no one knows what happened to that trust. It is a private cemetery and the township does not have to take ownership.

Road & Fire Departments
Bramblebush catch basin problem
Fred LaFollette presented photos of a catch basin where there was a large area that was caved in that was located in the Briarwood Subdivision. He said he had called the county about it and then made sure there was caution tape around the area.

Fire Department Personnel
Fred reported that Jesse Bogie, who they had recently hired, has never shown up for any of the appointments concerning his employment or training. Fred asked that the board remove him from the roster. Dick Kilburn made a motion to terminate the employment of Jesse Bogie. Rob Glancy seconded the motion. Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea
Fred then told the board they have another person who has applied for a FF/EMT position and they would like the board to hire him on a probationary period providing he passes the drug screen and physical exam. His name is Daniel Spaeth. Dick Kilburn made a motion to approve hiring Daniel Spaeth on a probationary basis. Rob Glancy seconded the motion.
Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Levy Information
Ralph Blanton reported he had gone to the Board of Elections to find out the answers to a few questions and concerns regarding the upcoming levy. He was told that they would need to set up a committee and appoint a treasurer. They cannot use any public monies for election expenses. He said they would get donations for signs.
Joel Sanders asked about the levy and what it was going to be used for, what the amount was being placed on the ballot, etc.
Dick Kilburn asked if there were any people they had in mind to be on the committee. Ralph told him they had asked Julia Hayes if she would be interested in being treasurer. He said the treasurer has to be someone who isn’t directly connected to the township or the fire department.
Dick Kilburn made a motion to appoint Julia Hayes to serve as the treasurer of the levy committee and Ralph Blanton the serve as deputy treasurer. Rob Glancy seconded the motion.
Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Resolution approving design consultant agreement
Rob Glancy had the agreement from the prosecutor’s office for the consulting services of G/C Contracting Corporation. It presented all facets of the contract in detail including scope of services, compensation, schedule of completion, supplementary services, insurance, indemnification, standards and principles, and other necessary items to complete the agreement. Dick Kilburn made a motion to pass Resolution 07-0911 to approve the township’s entering into the agreement for design services for a preliminary concept of a new fire station to be located along US 22 and 3, Morrow, OH on a 5.008-acre parcel of land owned by the Township.
Rob Glancy seconded the motion. Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Miscellaneous Business
Dick Kilburn mentioned the good job the crew has done in the cemetery and cutting along the roads.
Next year’s paving plans were briefly discussed.

Morton Salt sent the quote for salt for the coming winter. Dick Kilburn made a motion to purchase the saf-t-salt mix from Morton Salt this year. Rob Glancy seconded the motion.
Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Notification was received from the Warren County Emergency Management Department that the township was required to pass a resolution adopting the Warren County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan in order to be eligible for any FEMA funds in case of an emergency situation. Therefore, Rob Glancy made a motion to pass Resolution 07-0911A as follows:

Whereas, Salem Township Board of Trustees recognizes the threat that natural hazards pose to people and property within our community; and
Whereas, undertaking hazard mitigation actions will reduce the potential for harm to people and property from future hazard occurrences; and
Whereas, an adopted Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan is required as a condition of future funding for mitigation projects under multiple FEMA pre- and post- disaster mitigation grant programs; and
Whereas, Salem Township Board of Trustees fully participated in the FEMA-prescribed mitigation planning process to prepare this Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan; and
Whereas, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency and Federal Emergency Management Agency, officials have reviewed the “Warren County, Ohio Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan” and approved it contingent upon this official adoption of the participating governments and entities;
Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Salem Township Board of Trustees adopts the “Warren County, Ohio, Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan” as an official plan.

Dick Kilburn seconded the motion. Vote: Glancy, yea Kilburn, yea

Fiscal Business
OPERS Pick Up Resolution
Debbie told the board that notice was received from PERS that the township needed to update their “pick up” resolution to be in compliance with federal requirements. They sent a sample resolution which was modified to be submitted for Salem Township. Dick Kilburn made a motion to pass Resolution 07-0911B so that the Salem Township Trustees could pick up 1.5% of the statutorily required contribution to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System for the full time employees of the Salem Township Trustees pursuant to Internal Revenue code section 414(h)(2). Rob Glancy seconded the motion.
Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

Approval to pay bills
The fiscal officer presented checks # 5506 through #5545 which totaled $30,063.14
The board examined the bills that were presented for payment and Dick Kilburn made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Rob Glancy seconded the motion.
Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea

For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $10,853.94 This amount included receipts #5820 through #5826.

At this time Lee Short brought up the fact that it was the anniversary of the 9/11 attack in New York and Washington, D.C. A moment of silence was observed to honor those who lost their lives on that day.

With no further business to come before the board, Dick Kilburn made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 P.M. Rob Glancy seconded the motion.

Vote: Kilburn, yea Glancy, yea