Minutes December 9, 2008 Meeting

Minutes December 9, 2008 Meeting

The Salem Township Board of Trustees met December 9, 2008 in regular session at the Township Hall for the purpose of transacting the business of the Township. Chairman Dick Kilburn called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with members Kirk Ramsey and Dick Dare present. 


Others present were Fred Lafollette, Donald Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. David Opperman, Lee Short, Mike Kassalen, Ed McCall, Ralph Blanton and the following representatives from the companies that were awarded the bids on the firehouse:  Donald Leggs, Robert Niemann, Steve Hodapp, Fred Russell, Jackie Young, Jerry Govert, Dale Whalen, Josh Holland, Steve Miller and James Briggs.


 The minutes were read and approved and will be posted in the township hall.


Cemetery Update

11/21/08               Alford Whittington              Sec 5  Lot 193  SW Corner

11/26/0                 Nanette Quay                       Sec 4  Lot 26  SE Corner

11/29/08                Debra Kilburn                      Sec 4  Lot 178  #2 NE Corner

12/1/08                  Edgar Ray Hall                    Sec 5  Lot 189  #2 SE Corner

12/9/08                  Joy Kilburn                           Sec 4  Lot 179  #2 SE Corner


Roads – Donald Lynch Concern

Mr. Lynch wanted to voice his concern about the lack of salt for the roads.  He had a copy of a letter he had sent to the county commissioners regarding this matter.  He stated that he had done research on township responsibility for the care of the roads and cemeteries. 

He also made note that there wasn’t anything posted in the library as yet on the progress of the firehouse.  The board told him nothing had been updated yet because the bids had not been awarded yet.  He also stated that the building of the firehouse should follow the zoning code.


Proposed Bid Awards

Ed McCall had invited the contractors who he was recommending for the bid awards to be present at tonight’s meeting to introduce themselves to each other and to the trustees.  He will give each contractor information on the project. He told them he hoped to get the county prosecutor to have the contracts ready for signatures by the end of the year.  He then asked each contractor to speak briefly on some of their recent projects.

First to speak was Donald Legg from Applied Contracting Corporation who would be the General Contractor.

Next was Steve Miller from A.L. Miller Plumbing who would have the plumbing bid.

Then James Briggs from peck Hannaford + Briggs who won the HVAC bid.

Finally, Dale Whalen of Whalen Electric spoke about his latest projects.  His company had the best electrical bid.

A preconstruction meeting was discussed and it was stated that typically they would have job meetings every two weeks.  A project meeting would be held once a week. 

Mr. McCall thanked the contractors for coming and there will be further discussion later in the meeting.


Fire Dept/Roads

Fred Lafollette brought up the matter of the Fire Department Dependency Board.  Each year they are required to appoint two members from the Board of Trustees, 2 members from the fire department and a 4th person who is not sitting on either board.  The board asked Lee Short if he would serve as that non-board person.  He agreed.

Dick Dare and Dick Kilburn will serve from the Trustees and Fred and Bill will serve from the fire department.


Someone asked when the fire department would be having their Christmas candy/Santa visit.  Fred stated it would be on December 21st between 4-5:30 P.M.  He told those present that they would start bagging the candy at 1:00 if anyone wanted to help.


As far as the recent snowfall went, it was reported that the crew went out three times to sand and salt the roads.  Fred stated he had not had any complaints about ice on the roads.


Township Matters

Kirk mentioned that he thought the Salem Road project was looking good.

He also mentioned the fact that he would like to see the township make an award available to honor a resident or even someone that does good for the community.  Retiring Sheriff Tom Ariss was mentioned as a possible recipient or a framed certificate or something along that line.  No action was taken on this matter.


Bid Awards - Alternates

Ed McCall took the floor again to talk about the Alternates in the building project.

The first alternate discussed was a generator.  Those bids were between $44,000 - $53,000.  Ralph wanted to do some research on this item.  This would be part of the electrical contract.  It was discussed that available service would be a big concern on this item. 

 The next alternate was the brick work. The upgrade to do the whole building would be $6,500.  It was decided to approve that alternate.


The final alternate to be decided was the up front heat pump with gas.  The added cost would be $4,000.  This was approved also.


Resolution to Award Bids for Firehouse

Dick Dare asked if any of the contractors had been involved in a lawsuit in the last five years.  Ed McCall talked about any problems with the contractors and how to deal with it.  As there weren’t any objections to any of the recommended contractors, Kirk Ramsey made a motion to pass Resolution 08-1209 to  accept the recommendation by the architect, Ed McCall, and proceed with contracts for the following contractors:  (1) General Contractor- Applied Contracting Corporation,  (2) Plumbing Contractor – A.L. Miller Plumbing, Inc.  (3) HVAC Contractor – Peck Hannaford +Briggs.  (4) Electrical Contractor – Whalen Electric LLC.  Dick Dare seconded the motion.

Vote:      Ramsey, yea        Dare, yea               Kilburn, yea


Fiscal Matters

 Approval to pay bills       

The fiscal officer presented checks # 7208 through #7256, 98032-98033 which totaled $42,151.39.

The board examined the bills that were presented for payment and Dick Dare made a motion to pay the bills

as presented.  Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.

Vote:             Dare, yea        Ramsey, yea        Kilburn, yea         



For this reporting period the fiscal officer deposited receipts in the amount of $18,569.37

 This amount included receipts  #6258 through #6264.                              

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      With no further business to come before the board, Dick Dare made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 P.M. 

Kirk Ramsey seconded the motion.


Vote:        Dare, yea           Ramsey, yea          Kilburn, yea